Ever felt trapped by the rewards of your success?

Perhaps you’ve stopped enjoying the work you’re doing. Or being with the people you’re with. Or you’ve stopped growing. Or something else.

But you’re also being paid well. Really well. And frankly you’ve never made so much money in your life. And you have status. And freedom. Maybe even the promise of even more in the future. A bonus. Share options. Promotion. Relocation.

And yet, you’re not happy. And can’t find a way to become happy.

And yet, you’re also unable to move on. You’re feeling totally stuck.

And that’s beginning to affect your wellbeing. Perhaps you’re not sleeping well. Or you’re irritable. Or stressed. Or starting to drink more. The list goes on.

And you might even feel ashamed that this is even a problem for you. You’re smart. You’re successful. And yet you’re miserable. And there are plenty of people on this planet who have far less than you. So what gives you the right to be miserable? What kind of a ‘first world problem’ is this?

You might have already tried to fix this. But somehow you’re unable to.

Time is running out. Eventually you might become ill. Or fired. Or just quit with nothing to go to. Or, even worse, decide to stay. And then become really trapped.

Recognise any of this? Perhaps you’ve been through this in the past. Or perhaps you’re going through it right now. Or maybe you know someone in this situation.

I’m Tony Piper, and I’m a coach in London. I know about this because I’ve been through it myself.

And now I want to help you, so you can live the life you were supposed to live.