From a Friend

I don’t know what they would have told you, but something about Trapped By Rewards resonated with them and they sent you the link to this page.

At a high level, they probably saw that you’re more than a bit miserable in your job, but aren’t doing anything about it. Perhaps you’re not ready, or perhaps you feel very stuck. If you’re a high achiever, you’re even more at risk of getting stuck for a few good reasons.

Firstly, you’re probably earning good money right now, and there’s a part of you that doubts whether you could earn that somewhere else. So why risk it?

Secondly, you might perceive others would say that this is a bit of a ‘first world problem’. Earning good money but being unhappy, when so many people have much fewer resources. You might even feel ashamed about it. Either way it’s something that you’re more likely to try and put up with than address.

And yet, this lack of fulfilment is having a negative effect on you, and your friends and colleagues are noticing it.

Perhaps you’re not good company anymore. Or too busy to spend any quality time with them. Or eating or drinking too much. Or just withdrawn. The list goes on.

They might be frustrated with you for not acting on it. Or simply concerned about your well-being.

Whatever their personal reason for sending you to this page, they believe that to some extent you are feeling trapped by the rewards of your success, and they think it would be valuable for you and I to spend 30 minutes exploring where you’re at, and what you want to do about it.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some time now.